ELECYLINDER - Your Alternative to Pneumatics

Simple Operation, High Performance, Lower Costs

Forget maintenance

ELECYLINDER hardly has any maintenance parts: Save time and costs for your company.


No time-consuming programming: Our quick AVD-Setup (Acceleration-Velocity-Deceleration) makes it easier than ever. Set your three values, and there you go!


Constantly operate at high performance: Save time, save power, save costs.

More control

Get perfect control of your systems through monitoring, position fine-tuning, overload warning and high speed stability. Cycle time is even calculated automatically!

More durable

The amazing lifespan of ELECYLINDER compared to pneumatics makes it more rentable: Your best possible investment. 

More flexible

Choose your variation, choose your options, set your start and end points to any position. With Bluetooth on demand, you can even monitor ELECYLINDER without a cable!

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Instruction Manual


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